Monday, September 25, 2017

White and Gold

This weekend I made a good deal of progress on two of my main WIPs. We had wonderful weather so I sat outside for a bit and worked on the many borders on Hedebo Enchantment.

I'm almost all the way around, a little over a quarter is left. I should have this done this week and I can start on the next one.

While we had great weather it was also too hot to sit outside all day. Those times I spent inside on my Goldwork flower. The first step is couching the larger petals in Japanese thread.

I'm in love with this thread. It gives off such a beautiful shine.

The Japanese thread is couched around the petal outline, but the very center of them are going to be filled with chip work. I'm still trying to decide if this is a good place to stop couching or if I should do more. By the way, it's not your imagination: the petal on the right is bigger than the left which adds to my dilemma. Thoughts?

In any case, I've decided I will plunge all the metal threads before I make any further decisions. My goal is to get that done by mid-week so I can move onto the next part to be couched. This piece has a lot of couched areas.


  1. Both of your projects look lovely Dima! I think you have put in enough of the Japanese thread and could fill the remaining centres with chips. Have fun, Jessica

  2. You're making good progress, that's for sure!

    And I think I agree with Jessica.

  3. Beautiful work on both projects!
    I am always amazed with hardanger ;)

  4. Your hedebo piece is so lovely! I'm always fascinated by your lovely whitework pieces. Your goldwork piece looks lovely too! Can't wait to see it fill in.

  5. I agree with everyone, both projects look gorgeous :)

  6. Lovely work Dima, the Hedebo piece is really fabulous and what a lot of stitching.

  7. There's certainly a lot of borders on Hedebo Enchantment but it does all look beautiful.
    Nice progress on the goldwork too, I think the chips will look great in the space left.