Thursday, October 12, 2017

Back to my Regular Schedule

I'm back from my Thanksgiving trip. I had taken Bramble and the Rose as well as my Sashiko panel in case I had some time to stitch. I didn't take out my cross stitch WIP even once, but the Sashiko panel got a lot of stitching time. It was great because I could pick it up whenever I had 5 minutes to stitch and I never had to consult a pattern. I have a few leaves left and some French knots to do. After I will have to start thinking of what I want to do with the finished piece.

Except for my Japanese Embroidery class at the end of the month (2 weeks to go!!!), I have no more commitments until Christmas. This means I can get back to working on my WIPs. Tuesday I felt like beading, so out came my phase 1 Japanese Bead Embroidery piece.

I just opened the second packet of silver beads and I'm no where near the halfway point. This means I will probably have to order another packet from the JEC. My friend Carolyn also ran out and she had bought two of them same as me when we were in Atlanta. I should have ordered another when she mentioned it to me. Oh well!

Yesterday, I took out my goldwork flower and started working on the filaments. I will talk more about this in a later post once I finish this section.

For now, here's a close up pick with no light. I love the effect of the two metal threads together. Tonight, I will plunge all the threads on the left so I'm more comfortable to work on the right side.

All that's missing now is for some stitching to be done on Hedebo Enchantment, but I probably won't until this weekend (maybe). I'm having too much fun with the goldwork right now.


  1. Your Sashiko is just lovely! The goldwork piece is nice and I love the Japanese beadwork. Time. We all need more time.

  2. Oh, I remember all the plunging I did on some of my goldwork. You're quite right, it's best done in stages so it doesn't interfere with the next bit. But doesn't it look lovely when done!

  3. I know I am repeating myself, but your projects are incredibly pretty. The Sashiko stitches look so neat, the gold work flower so pretty, but I lovelovelove those beads!

  4. All lovely projects! And I like your idea of a travelling project not needing consultation time with the pattern.
    Your bead work is looking really lovely, and your gold work is coming along so well! Happy plunging!

  5. Your beading and the goldwork is stunning! So glittery and pretty.
    Do you just do the outlines of the Sashiko? No filling-in? That's a nice easy project, perfect for chatting while stitching!

  6. Beautiful projects, love the pretty beaded work.