Friday, October 27, 2017

Preparing and Packing for Class

It's finally time! As you read this I will be in class starting my first step into Japanese Embroidery. After five years of saying one day, that day is finally now.

If you remember my post from August, I was hesitating between stitching Hanazume and Bouquet from the Heart of Japan. After consulting my senpais (that's Japanese for those who have more experience than myself), I decided to go with Bouquet from the Heart of Japan.
This piece containing more elements will introduce me to many different techniques and help me prepare for the phases to come. In my excitement to start, I decided to get myself familiar with the design. To do that, I traced the design from my Japanese Embroidery book to color in my sketchbook.

Here is the design all transferred next to a photograph of the finished embroidery.

I colored the drawing using my color pencils, noting in color-coordinated markers what technique silk combination is used. Ignore the paper wrapping, I kind of ruined it there, and the cords are not colored either. Setting that aside, coloring it gives me a good understanding of where everything should be and also made me realize there is a lot of green in this piece. I kind of hope we won't be using a single green color.

Onto my packing. My frame and stand will be waiting for me in the class room, I will post pictures of those later. For now, here is what I'm bringing with me:

  • My copies of Japanese Embroidery through the millennium by Mireille Amar and Techniques of Japanese Embroidery by Shuji Tamura.
  • A clamp light from Ikea with extension cord.
  • Pillow case to cover my piece between classes
  • and my embroidery tools all nicely packed

I found this zipped case at Hobby Lobby when I went to visit my friend in the US. It's meant for planners, but I love all the different zip-pockets. It also has space (I hope) for the silks when I get them in class. I like having everything in one place.

Here is what's inside:

  • sticky notes, note pad with pencil, eraser and pen
  • tin container for ORTs
  • Embroidery scissors with tweezers attached
  • Awl
  • Tekobari
  • Komas
  • Felt with needles
  • Various rulers, including the very important triangle rulers (I'll show you why later)

I hope I didn't forget anything. If I did, it should be fine as I can bring it with me the next day.


  1. I'm sure there will be more than one shade of green! You're right, by the way, colouring in is a good way of getting better acquainted with a design...

  2. How exciting! You've waited a long while for this, I am sure you will have an amazing time and lots of photos to show us.

  3. Have a wonderful time. Love how well prepared you are.

  4. Dima, all my best wihes for your start on Japanese embroidery :)

  5. I can’t wait to see your write up on your class. I’ve known a couple of people who have gone through the Japanese Embroidery stages and it sounds quite intense, but the results are always incredible.
    I second tracing and colouring your design before stitching. It makes a huge difference!

  6. Oooh. I love that zippered case. How handy! Have a great time at your class.

  7. This is really cool and exciting, I am so looking forward to follow your progress and also maybe a teeny bit jealous. But more excited!