Monday, February 5, 2018

Hanabatake - Part 8

I finally got my copy of Inspirations. It's really funny because I had the whole family looking out for it for me as well. There were so many beautiful pieces in this issue. Jane Nicholas' piece is from her tiles book that I own. I want to stitch one of those one day. The bird piece by Catherine Laurençon is lovely as well. I really want to improve my long and short skills. One day! The project that is most likely to get stitched (many of you have already guessed) is the beaded brooch. If you'll remember the red flower brooch I made last year, this one is very similar to it. So I was very curious to compare techniques. I has a quick look at the instructions and the padding technique looked very interesting. I probably have all the beads to make it so I might do that when I have time.

Onto more beading. The last time I shared an update on Hanabatake I had decided to start working on stems next. I did start doing that, but then after a closer look at the design I noticed that some of the stems go all the way up to the base of flower type 3. The rule in Japanese bead embroidery is to stitch the foreground before the background. So I put aside the stems to work on the flowers.

(click on the post to see the animation below)

Flower 3 - Color combination 1
The flowers are all stitched in the same way, some have longer petals than others. The instructions name three color variations. When I examined the finished piece closely, I noticed that there was only one flower stitched in the third variation. So I decided to not include it and just stitched using one of the other variations.

Flower 3 - Color combination 2
Remember that flower that I had to redraw the lines for? Because I readjusted the lines, the flower that was stitched next to it had to be adjusted as well.

Here is Hanabatake from the top. I think I can safely go back to the stems. There are a lot of them.

Now that I've made some progress on my bead embroidery piece, I think it's time for me to take out my goldwork piece. I want to finish that flower so I can share it with you here.


  1. This is coming together nicely, isn't it!

  2. This piece is so much fun to follow along! I so want to try bead embroidery too. Alas, I have to finish other projects first an be a good girl :).

  3. There were a lot of those flowers, so you made a lot of progress! The design is looking a lot less empty now.
    I'm looking forward to see what you'll make from that Inspirations magazine some day :D

  4. Glad the magazine arrived. I can see why you want to stitch the beaded flower brooch. I liked the blackwork hare too.
    Gorgeous work on your beaded flowers. I love the little animations you do for these.

  5. This is so pretty. Beautiful progress.

  6. Such a pretty design, and one you are clearly thinking about keenly. It looks so lovely!

  7. this is looking stunning! I got my copy of Inspirations a week or so ago (I subscribe as i've never seen it in a shop here), and i haven't had time to even open it!! HOpefully this weekend...