Monday, February 19, 2018

Japanese Landscape - Part I

I feel like my stitching has really slowed down over the past few weeks. Winter is so tiring. On Sunday, I managed to put in about five hours of stitching on Japanese Landscape.

The petals that surround the leather kid involves cutwork. There is a bit of couching around the felt outline but the bulk of the work is filling in with cut bright check and smooth purl.

(click on the post to see the animation below)

The smooth purl in my first petal were a bit fractured but not too noticeably. By the time I got to the last one I was getting better. Can you guess which petal was my first and which one my last?

The next section is really small, the four triangles between the petals. So if it doesn't take me too long I might do that and the next section which is the stem of the left flower.


  1. I think winter feels long for a lot of us! I would say you are still making amazing progress though! You are a fast and lovely stitcher if you ask me 😊

  2. I think I do more in the Winter because there is less guilt about being indoors!
    Love this latest flower and all the petals look lovely to me.

  3. Winter really is feeling endless...I'm torn between wanting time to go faster and having it be spring already, and wanting it to go slower so I can have more time to finish stuff!
    Your stitching looks gorgeous as always, but to think that small section took five hours...Goldwork really is a lot of hard work!

  4. It's looking good, and I must say, with the different way light falls, it's hard to see any fractures in your purl!