Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Karahana Progress

I've been steadily working through all the petals on Karahana. This weekend I started the last one and am happy to say it's done.

Now that I've gone 'round and round', it's time to go 'to and fro' on the turnovers. First, I need to put in all the padding. Tedious work, so I will have to find something to motivate me. Maybe pull out my beading piece Calm Flow? It's been a month since I've worked on it and it's so close to being completed.

If we look back at my to do list, I'm able to check off one item:
  • trefoil stems, I'm still trying to decide if I will do them in #1 gold or #1 twist
  • outline the bottom leaf
  • stitch and outline the other two leaves
  • outline the stem
  • stitch the petals - add spacing and couch round and round
  • stitch the turnovers - add spacing, pad, couch to and fro
  • remove spacing and clean up


  1. You're making good progress, I think. Goldwork is such an odd mix of excitement, terror, and tedium, isn't it!

  2. This is looking lovely. I like the way the light catches the gold.

  3. Wow, that's a great deal of work done on those petals! Even if it's just one bullet of your list, it was a big one.