Saturday, November 1, 2014

Creative Festival 2014 Stash

My stash from the Creative Festival. First off I can't go anywhere without bringing back a few books. So here are three: a tatting book in Korean from Korea town, and a Silk Ribbon Embroidery book and Floral Patterns book from the Festival. The last two were sold by Grantham Books, they always bring in an excellent selection of craft books.

Tatting book from Korea town

Last year, I complained that there wasn't enough needlework booths. It was pretty much the same thing this year, except the EAC had a bigger booth where some of the needlework teachers had tables to sell their designs. I, of course, bought more stuff from Kathryn Drummond. She had patterns and actual kits which was great.

She was also selling these ORT baskets(?) and emery pincushions that her mom made. I remember seeing one with her stuff during class and just had to get one,

Carol Storie from Heartfelt Designs was another teacher with a booth. She was offering blackwork, canvaswork and hardanger classes. I didn't take any of her classes, but I was passing by her booth and looking at her designs. Now, by then, I had decided not to buy anything more, but I couldn't help it. The price was so low and it was the last one. Plus, it was a kit so how could I say no.

More kits. The one on the left is a Sajou tapestry cushion kit from the Bagsmith. They were selling them at a much lower cost (50% off the listed price on their website) because they haven't been able to sell them online. The one on the right is a kit from Randa Handmade Lace. A lot of crocheters have been buzzing about these kits. It seems we all put their booth on our list of must-see. The kit is an Argentinian Lace kit. Actually to be specific, there is a town ONE town in Argentina that does this type of lace making.

The kit comes with everything you need including the fabric to finish it off (I really like the fabric) and we get the instructions by email.

Dinky Dyes thread from X's And Oh's.

Wool from Wool Gathering that my sister picked for her amigurumi fox (last one on the right) and the one on the left is for a kangaroo that a friend wanted.

Some needles

Before leaving, I made a list of the beads I would need to try out the French bead embroidery book I got. But it was too complicated to find all the beads I would need. That Bead Lady was selling these packs of Miyuki delica beads at their booth. So decided to just get the ones that would match closest with the flowers I wanted to try stitching. Later, if I'm successful, I might expand my stash to include more beads.

Since I bought a gold pass for the festival, I got a gift from Swarovski who is a HUGE sponsor for the festival. It came with instructions for making a bracelet, but I have no idea when I would make it since I don't have any of the wires or tools to make it. I'll just leave them aside for now.

That's it from the festival this year! Now I really need to get back to my WIPs. I'm having a hard time because I really want to stitch the new stash I got.