Monday, November 17, 2014

Octagon H Completed

But wait! That's not all! I also managed to finish Octagon H, which is the last one in the pattern :)

Check out what Google Photo enhancement did to my progress photos. I'll have to figure out how to do this on purpose later and plan ahead to take advantage of it. It would make an awesome stop motion video.

The first layer, as always is made using tent stitches. After that there is a layer of diagonal stitches on each side using the Threadworx thread. I just noticed as I'm writing this post that the bottom side is darker than the others. I'll have to check that out in person when I get home.

The layer on top that looks like a bracelet with beads is stitched using Rainbow Gallery Flair, which is a stretchable ribbon. These are actually large cross stitches (2x4) which are then anchored with an "=". After that Panache thread (which is a dark grey) is stitched in between them. They look green in the picture.

The layer of green stitches on top are vertical long stitches with the center stitched over a layer of trame padding.

More diagonal long stitches. I like the left side, but am not 100% satisfied with the right.

This next part was fun. I've seen the spider stitch in pictures, but never got the opportunity to try it out. This particular one is the Ridged Spider Stitch. The instructions pointed to a page of Christensen's "The Needlepoint Book". However, not everyone just happens to have that book in their library. I ended up googling for the instructions. Luckily the ANG covered this stitch in their Stitch of the Month back in February lol.

The final touch is covering everything with the horizontal brick stitch. It was interesting but got boring after a while. Especially since I was so close to the end.

Here are all Octagons stitched. The next step is the string art followed by the outer border.

In other news, I have been working on Flower Patch, trying to get all those leaves filled out. I already have one side done. This took about a week, so I will be optimistic and say I will be done by December. We'll see how it goes.