Friday, November 7, 2014

Travelling Treasure Chest

Kim from Wisdom with Needle and Thread is organizing a Travelling Treasure Chest on her blog. I asked if Canadians could apply (usually these things are only open to the US due to the shipping), and she said yes. So I was very happy to be included in this :)

The idea is, Kim placed some charts she wanted to give away in an envelope and sent it to the first person. That person can pick 2-3 items from the chest and then has to put back in 2-3 items. We are then supposed to post what we picked but NOT what we put into the chest. That is supposed to be kept as a surprise for the next person.

I got the TTC from Shelly. I was actually in Toronto when I got her email and was very excited. Here is what I picked out:

The Ocean Cuff actually comes with everything to make it and Heart To Heart comes with the beads and charms.

Now the next person who will be getting the TTC will be Justine. I sent the Travelling Treasure Chest off to the UK yesterday and she should be getting in a few weeks.


  1. So exciting, it's finally coming over to the UK!!! Great choice of patterns :)

  2. Ooh how exciting! I love the things you chose especially the cuff, it looks interesting and I hope you'll show us once it's finished.

  3. Glad to see it arrived. I was getting worried! Nice choices you made. I agree with Justine, please show us the cuff, whenever you get to it!

  4. I had the Traveling Treasure chest first from Kim. It is so much fun to see it traveling around and what each person is choosing. Thanks for all the fun, Kim!

  5. wow.. these are really beautiful stitching patters.. nice choices!

  6. Oh my! I'm so glad you chose the Ocean Cuff. These are amazing kits and such fun!! Can hardly wait to see what Justine picks!