Monday, January 12, 2015

SAL Dentelles Part 1

There hasn't been much activity on any of my projects as I've been busy stitching the first part of SAL Dentelles in time to get the second part. Here is my version of it:

The thread I'm using is from Color Complements (click on the link for the exact thread I'm using). I had a hard time picking the fabric. What I ended up doing is stitching it on Wichelt Jobelan Lambswool 32ct. It's the same fabric I used for Flower Patch and has been my favorite since buying my first piece back in 2010. It looks great with anything and stitching on it is fantastic.

I can't wait to see what everyone else picked :)


  1. Oh what a wonderful SAL! Your start looks gorgeous.

  2. I love the color of thread. 32ct Lambswool is easily one of my faves to work with as well. Always a good go to fabric. :)

  3. What a lovely new start. The SAL looks lovely :)