Friday, December 7, 2018

Tansy Beetle - Finished

If you'll remember, last Friday I introduced Tansy Beetle. I had to stop working on this project because I ran out of beads for the head. Kate was really quick to respond and I received my replacement beads on Tuesday.

Now that I had the beads to finish the head, I was able to move onto putting in the legs.

The beads for the legs are so pretty. I love the flower sequins. The green beads are called SuperDuo that are Czech glass seed beads. I initially put them in with the metallic foil facing up, but quickly realized my mistake and flipped them. I want the green side to be face up to match the green in the sequins on the body.

To make sure my legs were symmetric (or as close to symmetric as I could get them), I worked on all the legs at the same time.

(click on the post to see the animation below)

Here is my beetle all finished. This design was a very quick stitch. It took me about 7-8 hours to stitch from start to finish. A little too quick a stitch for me considering the cost of the kit, but I really like it and I wanted to encourage Kate Tume's design business. I would be very happy to buy another kit in the future.

I do have some beads and sequins leftover. I'll have to think of what I can make with them. They're too pretty to set aside in a drawer. Maybe a brooch?

I plan on finishing Tansy in a hoop to hang on my corkboard with Foxy and Mr. Blue. The hoop that came in the kit is bigger than I need, so I need to buy one. I'll share a picture once they're all hanging together.

If you're interested in making your own Tansy Beetle, Kate still has kits in stock here. Speaking of kits, I got another "small" project kit in the mail this week which could be my next mini project. I'll share more in a future post.


  1. This is fantastic!! Very well done.

  2. Love your beetle! I have made some in a class with Jane Nicholas. Especially like the legs did you cut up the flower sequins for the wing effect?

  3. A good idea to work the legs at the same time. The beetle is beautiful. I may just try to stitch one of those insects.

  4. He's really gorgeous, love the colours!

  5. Your beetle is wonderful, such gorgeous colours! A brooch would be nice, or you could decorate the hoop you use to mount it?

  6. You have made a super job of this - it would make a good brooch.

  7. Aw, how pretty! I really love those colours and honestly, I think I might even like your big-headed beetle better than the original. I agree, though, the kit is a little expensive to be finished in just a few hours.

  8. Such a great little piece! I’m not really a creepy crawly type of person but this little bug is very cute. Thanks for such a great review of the kit.