Monday, May 26, 2014

First Layer Completed

I didn't stitch much last week, because of my right arm (I strained it pulling the needle through the #5 Perle Cotton, sigh). By Friday, it was feeling much better and I was able to finish the first layer of stitches for the Octagons:

I like the effect the #5 Perle Cotton gives to the piece (can't wait to see how it looks with all 3 layers put together). Because of the thickness of the thread, it gives the stitches a nice raised effect. The stitches really pop out in person.

I've already started on the second layer. I was skeptical when I started stitching with the thread (this time its a #8 Perle Cotton), the color looked really boring. But once I started stitching the Diagonal Long Stitches, I was very impressed. Despite the blah color, the directions of the Long Stitches make the thread shine.

By the way, I'm loving this project, because it's giving me the chance to stitch with different types of threads. This way, I can figure out what type of threads I'd like to work with in the future. So far, I didn't much like the #5 but I LOVE the #8.

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