Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Stash

It's been quite a while since my last stash acquisition (the last time was at the Creative Festival in October). Other than buying DMC thread when Michaels had sales, I've been pretty good (concentrating on Peacock Tapestry, anticipating my next start). Well that is all coming to an end.

Not all the stuff has come in yet, so in the next few weeks I'll be posting pictures of what I've ordered. But the first one just came in yesterday and I was so excited to finally get it in my hands.

The Enchantment of Winter by Terrence Nolan
I thought I'd never be able to snag a copy. I've been looking for it for 2 years with no luck. Every time one would pop up on eBay, I'd try to bid on it but the price kept going up too high (highest I've tried was 70 USD) and a lot of the sellers are in the US and aren't willing to ship to Canada.

I can't wait to stitch it, but I have other things already kitted up so it will have to be for later.

Other than this, I have 3 other orders (one shipped, one ready to ship and third is waiting on an item before they can ship it) and one possible order (I haven't decided yet if I'm getting it or not). Can't wait to get them all.

P.S. Peacock Tapestry is going great. I'm just finishing up the beading on the border. I think it should be done by Friday (Saturday at the latest) and then it's off to the framer. My mom is already trying to figure out which wall to hang it on.

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