Monday, June 29, 2015

Pretty Little San Francisco

I've been very bad at posting on my blog. I'm looking at this month and I only posted twice (this will be the third). I'll have to do better. It's so much easier to just post a picture on Instagram these days and just keep stitching.

Funnily, I wrote the last post because Carla wanted to see what Pretty Little San Francisco looked like. Here is where it was on last Tuesday.

Last Wednesday being a holiday for us here in Quebec, I was able to put in more stitching time. I would love to say that I shared the time equally with all my WIPs... but that's not true. Pretty Little San Fran took up all that time. So much that by the time Friday came, I was this close to being done and then the worst thing that could happen happened. I realized that I wouldn't have enough of the last color to finish it.

I immediately called my sister who was still out and asked her to pick some up for me. Unfortunately, she was no where near the craft store, but promised that she would ask our dad to take her to the one near us on the way back home when he picked her up.

My dad passed by the craft store before going to pick my sister up, but unfortunately they didn't have it. They had all the colors before and after but not the one I needed.

So Saturday, I got myself out of the house to the Michaels near me and luckily they had some. I bought that thread and a bunch of other that I though were running low (don't want this to happen again).

And here she is all finished.

The original plan was that I'd be stitching the cities I've visited with the name of the city and date I went there at the bottom. I wanted them framed in a hoop to hang in my room. Unfortunately, because of my fabric count choice (it's a mystery fabric of which I have three pieces) it won't fit in a 10" hoop and a 12" hoop is too big for the fabric. So the only other choice I have is a plain old square frame (I'm leaning towards white). And as it happens with most of my finished projects, this is going into the finished pile until I am ready to do the actual framing (by hand).

Right now I'm trying to decide what to work on next. I wanted to start on the Estense needlebook kit, and even took it out, but I found that some of the threads might be missing. I should have it figured out by the end of the week.

Update: I forgot to include a link to the pattern on Etsy. It's by Satsuma Street and you can find the pattern here. Now that she's done Hong Kong, I'm crossing my finger she'll do Seoul too :)


  1. Such a cute finish! The colours are so cheerful and fun.

  2. Very nice finish - great details!

  3. Cute finish! I do love these designs, they are lots of fun.

  4. Looks fantastic!! I love these designs :)

  5. well done on the finish, it looks fantastic! I really like Satsuma street patterns but she hasn't done any of the cities I'd like to stitch yet

  6. Well, you're doing much better than I am! I only posted once in June!

    Congratulations on your fantastic finish, so fun and colourful! Those charts are available on Esty right? I love your idea of stitching one for each of the places you've been! What a great idea!

    How frustrating to run out of floss at the bitter end and have to wait 24 hours!!! OMG I'd die!

    1. Thanks Dani! So far I bought San Fran, Paris and Amsterdam. I've never been to Amsterdam but the colors are so cute I couldn't help it :D

      Yes you can find her patterns on Etsy here You can buy either a single pattern or as a set.

  7. What a great finish! But running out of a colour that close to a finish would drive me crazy. Glad you found what you needed.

  8. Congratulations dima, your new finish is just gorgeous : so joyful, I love it !!!
    Have a lovely week,

  9. CRAZY PERSON CLAPPING!!! I love it!! Thank you for the honorable mention!

  10. It looks amazing! And big! For Little cities these are certainly quiet large designs.
    Have you seen my Mini London finish on black? I've started Little London on white and now I want to stitch them all on black LOL