Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stash Gift

My sister was in New York city last week and asked what she'd like me to bring back and I told her books, embroidery books to be exact. Stash, I have a lot (for) now. I don't want to buy more stash, but books I'll never have enough of.

Look at what my sister brought me back from her trip to New York:

These she bought from a Japanese bookstore (no idea where, I can ask if anyone wants to know). I just love Japanese craft books. They always have the prettiest projects and very good step by step instructions with photographs.

The only instructions I gave her was to pick books that she thinks I would like and to diversify. I also gave her the titles of two books that were on my wish list just in case she is able to find them in stock.

She did pretty well. The top two on the left are lace collar crochet (the first on left was on my wish list), the third one in the top row is an embroidery book with a floral theme. The bottom two are a Hardanger and drawn thread embroidery book. The drawn thread book is excellent and has lots of step by step picture instructions. If you want to see what's inside, I found them listed on Etsy. I'm not associated to any of the stores, but I have bought from Pomadour24 before (you can find the post here).

One thing I'm really annoyed at. Look at the picture below. This is the craft section in the bookstore, it doesn't just contain books on knitting and crochet or sewing. It has tatting, quilting, embroidery... It's a Japanese bookstore in NYC, USA. Look at how much choices they have. If I went to an English bookstore in Canada or the US for that matter, you wouldn't see this variety or even two full bookcases. I'd be lucky to find a shelf in bookstores here.

My sister sent me this picture to make me drool, all it did was make me sad and annoyed. Sigh... I'll just have to make sure to go with her on her next trip to NY ;)

For now my craving has been sated, but don't be surprised if I buy more books in the near future. I'm becoming quite the little addict.


  1. NICE additions to your library. And I agree with you about bookstores - their craft sections are usually terrible.

  2. Oh my gosh! That is beautiful...all of those beautiful books just waiting for someone to snatch them up!

    You are correct...and I should take a shot of the local book store's section on's always the smallest :( Barnes and Nobles in Anchorage has a bottom shelf about three feet wide with a few books and here in Juneau there used to be two bottom shelves (why on the bottom??), I'll have to check and see if they reduced that or not due to their remodeling.

  3. How lovely of your sister to buy you some beautiful books.... I hope you enjoy them! I buy all my crafting books online.... there is a much better selection! :) x

  4. I agree with you about Japanese craft books. I have purchased several since I've been here and have been able to follow the pictures and illustrations without being able to read the text.

  5. Wow - what a nice sister to bring you back such treasures. I love books and magazines about stitching, as well. I could probably open a library - HA!

  6. Your sister chose well! I love the look of that drawn thread book and you are sooooo right about the paltry selection of needlework books in brick and mortar bookstores!

  7. That is a sweet present :)

  8. Gorgeous interesting books. In the bookstores here you would be lucky to find two books about needlework sigh :-((