Saturday, December 31, 2016

Looking Back at 2016

Looking back over this year I managed to finish 8 projects (2 more than last year!).

Many of them were small projects or WIPs from the year before, but two of them were quite big so I'm happy. I also did a lot of kumihimo projects. Mainly bracelets since I don't really like necklaces.

One amigurumi this year. I'm not making as many as I used to. This one I made for my sister.

So here's a final count: I have 6 finishes this year and 7 WIPs left of which 3 are from the year before. Again I'm not including the Creative Festival projects as WIPs.

This year I learned that:

I still love whitework and Seminar is amazing.

Bead! I love beads. I've bought so many is the last few months, I just hope I get the chance to use them all.

I managed to work on all my WIPs, including Tracery Dragon which last year, didn't see any action at all.

I've kept up the tradition of stitching on Bramble and the Rose on the last week of the year. We've been watching all the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies (extended edition) all week so I had lots of time :) I'll post pictures after the new year.


  1. You've had a very good stitching year! Beautiful finishes.

  2. I would say a most successful year with beautiful projects.

    Wishing you a peaceful, happy 2017!

  3. You finished some really pretty projects. Happy New Year!

  4. Wonderful projects with different technique! Happy New Year!!!

  5. Happy new year! You had a great year in 2016 with lots of gorgeous crafting, wishing you just as much success in 2017.

  6. Your work is beautiful. Love the bracelets.

  7. I'm impressed that you can watch a movie and do anything as complicated as those cross stitch pieces!

  8. You have made some beautiful pieces last year. It's been a real pleasure following your progress over the year.
    Hopefully we'll see more of th Tracery Dragons this year.