Friday, December 9, 2016

Sardinian Knot Stitch Mug Mat Finished?

I'm cleaning up my blog page to start preparing for next year and noticed a few projects like the Mug Mat was still listed on the current page. This was an online class I took with Jeanine Robertson on Virtual Threads.

It is stitched using the Italian embroidery technique called Sardinian Knot Stitch and was a really fun technique to learn. However, what I stumbled on was how to finish the edges of the mat. The original mat had a frayed edge which I didn't particularly like. So I set out to find a more neat finish for my piece. I found a tutorial by Luzine Happel for a folded Peahole edging which I thought would be perfect and started stitching.

I withdrew some threads to create a channel and started stitching four-sided stitches all around the piece. I still remember when I did it, it felt like it was taking FOREVER! Finally after two days of stitching, I reached the other end and started removing the rest of the threads like it's described in the tutorial. That's when I realize. I stitched my four-sided stitches on the WRONG side :( The x's should be in the back and squares in the front.

After that, I kind of got annoyed with the piece. I cut off the excess fabric and just left it with a frayed edge.

I do like the design and the technique (I need to track down a copy of Yvette Stanton's book). I LOVE the invisible stitching in the back. But my mistake left me with bad memories for this piece. I still get annoyed thinking about it today and this happened back in June!

There is a second chance for this design. When I was doing the class, I actually stitched 2 mug mats on the same blue fabric. So one day I will give the folded peahole edging another chance, just not today :)


  1. Aw, poor mug mat! But I hear you - a mistake that can't be fixed makes me grumpy too. I have one piece in my finish basket that will stay there forever because it annoys me every time I look at it.

  2. I remember this piece from when you did the stitching. How frustrating that the finishing instructions were wrong though. It does look fine with a fringed finish though.

  3. How maddening. I have every sympathy - similar things have happened to me, causing mutterings for months...!

  4. I like how you made the best of it. Nice!

  5. Interesting stitching to be invisible on the back. Personally I would have continued with the folded peahole edging--if you didn't immediately see the error, no one else would have seen it at all. LOL.