Monday, April 17, 2017

Renwick Museum

While I was in D.C. last week, my friend Karine took me around to visit the attractions. We saw the monuments at the Mall (i.e. Lincoln memorial, WWII, Vietnam War,...) but we also visited a few museums. One of these was the Renwick museum. Below are a few of the pieces that attracted my attention. I don't know the meaning behind most of them, I just liked looking at them :)

This one is an art installation that was placed in a large room with nothing underneath it so people could lay on their backs and watch the colors change. The piece is made out of netting with fiber optics woven in to give the colors. I can't remember what it represented, but it was very pretty.

There were many fiber pieces, this one is made from crochet doilies.

This one is most likely machine stitched but I love the details in it.

We had to ask a guard what this was. Apparently it's a map of the D.C. area. I think the gray are major government buildings. All the red rectangles represent the houses that were foreclosed. Many of these houses are considered to be in prime locations and worth a lot of money.

I found this "quilt" fascinating. It's made out of tiny microfilms.

A woven piece.

This piece is machine quilted with different "fabric" weights.


  1. What a wonderful museum, thanks for sharing the photos and the descriptions too.

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos! What a wonderful experience to be able to see such wonderful pieces of art.

  3. What a wonderful variety of pieces - something for everyone!

  4. Nice pictures. Love the museums in DC, and most are free.