Monday, April 3, 2017

Productive Weekend

My weekend turned out to be much more productive than my week. My goals were to finish all the pre-work on Hedebo Enchantment and frame Eidelweiss and both were done!

I'm kind of sad to have to put Hedebo Enchantment aside. I really want to jump in and start stitching inside the boxes. Unfortunately I have to wait till May. Here's a close up of one quarter of the piece. I wonder, do you think the teacher will give me more to stitch if I email her? I don't think it hurts to try.

I was a little less patient with Eidelweiss. It's framed, but I didn't take the time to properly miter the corners. I'm going to check tomorrow with a guild member to confirm it's okay like this. If it needs to be in a proper frame, then I won't be submitting it for the members exhibition.

Here's the back of it. It's framed the same way I framed De Rose Vetues except there is an extra layer: the blue satin fabric.

Since Eidelweiss has some areas that are drawn thread, I decided to have a fabric behind it to really show it off. I really like the effect, not if only those corners weren't so ugly :|


  1. Oh my gosh Eidelweiss is gorgeous. I am sure you can adjust those corners.

  2. Isn't it lovely to have made so much progress! Maybe your teacher will give you just a little extra on the Hedebo piece...

  3. Wow...Congratulations on both the homework and the framing and Thank you for the suggestions on the linen thread!

  4. Eidelweiss is beautiful but I would mitre the corners. I think they will annoy you otherwise! You could mount it on a little easel and call it a display piece like that?