Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Talliaferro Challenge - Part 1

For those of you who googled SFSND, you might or might not have found something. SFSND stands for San Francisco School of Needlework and Design. The school was founded in 2015 by Lucy Barter (if you've seen Craftsy's Goldwork class, she is the teacher) and Ellice Sperber. Both were students at the Royal School of Needlework and teach all kinds of different embroidery techniques. I'm quite jealous of stitchers in the San Francisco area.

In order to promote embroidery, they started something called the Stitch at Home Challenge. They'll provide the inspiration and the stitcher can then use any needlework technique they want to create a piece. They are currently on their third challenge. This time the inspiration was provided by Talliaferro Classic Needleart who contributed two lovely motifs for us to stitch.

After some thinking I decided to go with Trievaulx Blossom II. I also decided to do it all in beads using some of the things I learned from Alison Cole's class to add some dimension to the piece.

I was limited to what I had in my stash and what I could find at the local fabric shop and bead shop. The fabric I got for the piece is some satin polyester fabric. It has a nice shine to it, but it's such a let down after that gorgeous fabric I was using in Pearl Butterfly. The flower looked a lot like the Turkish tulips on the pottery my parents brought back from their trip to Turkey, so I decided to stick with red, green, blue and white for my color palette.

Since the fabric was very light weight, I decided to back it with some muslin. For transferring the design, I traced it onto the muslin using an archival pen.

I then pinned the muslin to the back of my fabric. From the back, I used tiny stitches to outline the design so it will show up at the front.

I used the colors that each area will be stitched in so that at the end, they will be covered and won't show. Here you can see the shine of the fabric. While stitching, I used a hoop, but I only put the backing muslin in the hoop. That way I could avoid marking the satin fabric. It worked out quite well like that.

Next post I'll share more of what I did with the felt.


  1. I love Talliaferro designs!! Not brave enough to try one yet. This will be a joy to watch.

  2. Ooh, gorgeous! I do like the look of this. And using the colours you'll use for the embroidery gives you a preview of the effect as well.

  3. The designs are wonderful! Looks like you are having fun playing with the colours.

  4. This is going to be a real treat to follow! I love the motif you chose and can't wait to see how you create it.

  5. How beautiful! I'll look forward to seeing your progress.