Monday, June 19, 2017


I didn't get much stitching Saturday as we were invited to a friend's wedding. This meant I had a busy morning and then my evening was full. It was a lovely reception. We lost power half-way through which gave a lovely atmosphere for the couple with all the candles.

I woke up the next day ready to tackle Foxy again. The first order of business was ironing on the cotton interfacing Natalie sent me. I really like the quality of it (much better than the other one I previously used for Hana). I will have to find out where I can buy more.

The next step on Foxy was couching the passing on the head.

Unfortunately, my first go was really crooked. It's really important to get that first one right because otherwise the rest of the lines will look wrong.

While I was waiting for advice in Instagram, I decided to take out Hedebo Enchantment and work on setting up the smaller squares. I got so engrossed in getting them all done, I never stopped stitching and completely forgot about Foxy.

This means that I will have to get the head done this week in order to be able to catch up for this weekend.


  1. Good to see all that progress on the Hedebo!

  2. You'll be fine with Foxy once he has his pencil line! Your Hedebo piece is just stunning. Love to follow you along!

  3. Hope drawing a line helps straighten out the couching. It will be hard to capture the curve in the face. Great work on the Hedebo, The little squares are very fun.

  4. Your hedebo work is beautiful! I can see how that piece becomes engrossing. I really love foxy - I hope you are enjoying stitching him!

  5. How wonderful to have two projects that engross you so much! They are both going to be lovely.