Monday, June 12, 2017

Introducing Foxy

A while ago I showed this kit by Becky Hogg that my sister brought back for me from the RSN. My friend Natalie from Sew by Hand asked if I would be interested in a stitch along with her and Catherine from Hillview Embroidery. We each had a kit from Becky Hogg's; I have fox and Natalie and Catherine both have the owl. We settled on a June first start but things got in the way.

We decided to start this weekend and to at least take out the pamphlet to read and stitch the felt. The kit comes with everything needed to start stitching.

I only had to provide a hoop, this one is 6", and scissors. You can use the hoop that comes with the kit, but it could get cramped.

I didn't line the back of the fabric for now. Natalie is sending me some cotton interfacing to try out. I will probably put that in before I start on any of the metalwork.

It turns out that the felt included in the kit is polyester and not wool. It's not as bad as the polyester felt I stitched with before but it would be better to switched it out for wool if you have it on hand. I decided not to bother switching it out as the pattern is already printed on the felt and I just wanted to jump into stitching.

Here's an animation of the felt being applied. I really enjoy this process. I enjoy it so much, I tend to put way more stitches on the lower layers :P

click on the post to view the video

Here is my fox all felted. All the different pieces were the right size except the head. I had a hard time covering the markings with the felt. It should be fine though as these will be covered later with the purl pearl.

For this project, I took the opportunity to test out the seat frame my sister got me. I didn't use it as a seat frame, instead I just put it on my desk and placed my puffin from seminar on the base as a frame weight. He's heavy enough for it, so the setup was really great :)

The next step will be starting metalwork embroidery on the head which involve a lot of couching.


  1. I really like this! I look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. That's a great way to use the seat frame. I rather like the look of Foxy, I must say!

  3. You've got a nice start on Foxy. I've worked on felted stockings and Christmas ornaments but never seen a project like this. I can now add one more thing to my crafty bucket list. I can't wait to see how this continues to get together. --Andrea

  4. I really like this design and your progress.

  5. oh that looks lovely! I'll enjoy watching this one grow!

  6. I have thought about working on this kit too - so it has been really interesting following your process. Look forward to watching your progress.