Monday, July 22, 2019

Exposition at l'Acienne-Lorette

This year I was invited to exhibit with a group of stitchers from Quebec city who decided to hold an exhibition near Quebec city. It was organized by my friend Patricia of l'Atelier de Pénélope in collaboration with the city of l'Ancienne-Lorette.

As it's only about 3 hours away, I decided to drive down and spend the weekend with Patricia. Three days of nothing but embroidery. Heaven! Patricia has a huge personal library at home and I got to spend lots of time in it. For the exhibition, I brought with me three pieces to submit.

Bouquet from the heart of Japan © JEC
Beaded eyeglass case © JEC
I thought about bringing a piece of whitework but I figured I'll limit myself to techniques I'm sure no one will have seen.

We had a great turnout as the ladies did an excellent job with advertising, including getting an article printed in the local newspaper. Usually most visitors are friends and families, for this exhibition there were many strangers who had heard about it and decided to drop by. However, there are many still who either couldn't make it or lived too far. So for all those who couldn't come, we made a video. I hope you enjoy it!

(click on the post to see the video below)

As far as my current projects are concerned, I'm still stitching when I have time. Mainly on the mermaids and hedebo piece, I just have less and less time to blog about it. It's come to a point where I will need to start scheduling a time slot for "administrative tasks", as otherwise you'll never see anything here.


  1. What a great honor to have been asked to exhibit some of your pieces! Congratulations, and very well deserved. Three days of embroidery truly is heaven!
    I know what you mean about needing to schedule 'admin' tasks. There just isn't enough time is there? Hope you are well.

  2. Thank you for the video. The exhibited pieces are beautiful. I drooled over the pulled and drawn thread work (hardanger) since I'm starting to learn this type of stitching.

  3. What a lovely exhibition! Your beautiful work fit right in.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity to take part in the exhibition. I am sure people loved your work. The photos are always beautiful but nothing compares to seeing the pieces in real life.

  5. You submitted three lovely pieces! Thanks for sharing that fabulous video, so many beautiful works of art!