Monday, January 15, 2018

Hanabatake - Part 3

Day three saw me working on a new flower on Hanabatake. I'm going to complain again about the instructions. In between the instructions for each flower, there are little boxes that describe the techniques used. That's fine, but sometimes textual instructions are no good. A diagram would be better. Which is something this pattern really lacks. To understand the steps for flower 11, I referred to Margaret Lee's book which contained diagrams. The names of the techniques match those in the book. It would seem that the lack of detail in the instructions was on purpose to sell the book, which doesn't seem very fair to those who don't own it when they work on this design.

(click on the post to see the animation below)

Flower 11
Three flowers out of twelve have been completed so far.

At this point in the project, I found myself not really enjoying the piece as much as I was expecting to. The instructions are not up to the standards I am expecting from Inspirations. My friend Carolyn is also stitching this piece with me and is just as confused. I'm a little ahead of her, so to help out I've been writing notes on each flower with tips and diagrams as I stitch them. Anyone else working on this piece? I'd love to hear from other people who are either stitching it or have stitched Hanabatake.


  1. I hope things improve and you start enjoying the piece soon!

  2. I am so sorry Dima that you aren't happy with the instructions of your project: it must be very frustating !!
    Enjoy your day,

  3. I have been very interested in purchasing this kit, but your troubles are discouraging me. I know nothing about beading, so do not have the experience that you have to go on. I was hoping that as you encountered troubles you would post your solutions on your blog

  4. Such a shame you aren’t enjoying the piece. However I have found your frustration with other Inspirations instructions in the past. They seem to be written for experienced stitchers, or as you have suggested, to perhaps encourage another sale which is not the point of having the instinct the magazine!

  5. That is very annoying. They should state if you need to look up further instruction, or at least make them free to download if they don't want to fill the magazine up.

  6. I'm sorry you're not enjoying this as much as you should be. It's still looking gorgeous, but lacking instructions can be very frustrating.