Monday, January 29, 2018

New Fabric Stash

I did some embroidery last week, but nothing that I can share for now as it's part of the design for embroidery course I'm taking with the EAC. I'm almost done with lesson 2, just need to write it up. I also have an article to write for the EAC magazine that needs to be done by end of week. I'm aiming to get all of it done by Wednesday so I can have the rest of the week to stitch on my projects. For now, I thought I'd share some of my latest fabric purchases.

I'm planning on finishing my Hedebo Enchantment into a pillow. I emailed Jette and she recommended that the pillow be finished with linen fabric. Since I can't find that very easily, I asked if she would be willing to sell me a piece big enough for this pillow and for the other Hedebo kit I bought at seminar. It finally came last week from the UK with a lovely handmade heart.

My second stash of fabric came from the Workroom in Toronto. I can't believe I've never been to their shop on my previous trips. I'm not much for buying printed fabric but I follow their Instagram account for the eye candy. That all changed when I started Japanese bead embroidery. Now every fabric I see is a potential canvas for a future project.

What really brought it on was these new fabrics from the Kelmscott collection by Morris & Co. Except for the fabric on the right, the design is really tiny, I'm really happy with my choices. They would look so pretty beaded.

While I was looking at the Kelmscott collection, I found this navy spotted fabric that I liked. I think it would look really nice as the interior of my eye glass case.

As always, I started to browse around the site to see what else I could use and started browsing through their stock of fabric. I spotted this one from Rifle Paper Co. You can't tell from the picture but the color is a lovely blush champagne.

The biggest prize was this Rifle Paper Co. fabric in dark navy printed with peacocks in gold. I liked the look of it on screen but was pleasantly surprised with how it looked in person. It was more expensive than the others so I'm glad it came out so nice. The fabric has a heavier weight to it and was screen printed in Japan. All the other pieces I bought were fat quarters except this one. I got half a meter thinking to make two cushions with it but now I wish I bought an extra fat quarter to practice on. The fabric has since been sold out.

That's it for now. I'm going to have a busy week but I'm crossing my fingers that I will finish all my obligations to free up the weekend to work on other things.


  1. What lovely fabrics Dima! I once had two Hand-Made cushions with block-printed peacocks. So lovely and rich in colours. Alas, they finally wore out a couple of years ago. And I am thinking of diving into the beading too. I have some lovely fat quarters that just scream: bead me please!

  2. You have some lovely fabrics there! It's always such a treat to buy such divine fabrics isn't it? I've never done any beading, but what a lovely idea to embroider beautiful fabrics with beads.

  3. I'm not surprised the peacocks sold out - they're gorgeous! You've got a lovely selection of prints there, and I'm looking forward to seeing you bead them...

  4. Those are some pretty fabrics - I'd love to see them with beads. And the Peacock one is just stunning!

  5. Gorgeous fabrics. Isn't it funny how a new skill opens up a whole new way of looking at fabrics and another excuse for purchases!