Friday, January 19, 2018

Hanabatake - Part 6

I ended up taking a break from Hanabatake, finally breaking my stitching marathon. It was hard getting back to work and I was tired when I got home. This next flower required a lot of concentration so I decided to put it off for one day.

Flower 6 (it looks like a cherry blossom to me) is worked in three steps. We start with a calyx stitched over beads that act as padding. Next, petals are stitching using the same technique as the other petals in flowers 4 and 5 except we use a koma to manage the tension in the longer lines. You don't need komas to do this, an eraser will work just as well. After this the petals are filled in with stamens and seed stitched to add detail.

(click on the post to see the animation below)

This flower is stitched in reds and gold. While reading the instructions and closely looking at the finished piece, I noticed that there might be an error in the instructions. 'Might be' because it's really up to how you want to stitch it. Instructions say to stitch the stamens using a combination of the red seed beads with the red cut beads. After closely examining the pictures, it seems likely that this was done only on the gold flowers, because the red flowers look like they've been stitched with red seed beads and red 3-cut beads.

Flower 6
Out of all the flowers so far, this was the most complex and took the longest time. I have one of the larger flowers left to stitch and then I think I will move onto the vines and leaves, leaving the smaller flowers for last.


  1. That looks really good. It's coming together, isn't it!

  2. Great progress. It is gorgeous.

  3. More gorgeous flowers! I really like these ones, error or not.

  4. These are beautiful but seem much more complicated than the earlier flowers.