Monday, January 22, 2018

Japanese Landscape - Part D & E Completed

The last time I showed you this piece, I had started the sky but had to stop because I was missing the silver wire check.

I ordered the wire check from Golden Hinde and was expecting to wait a few weeks. To my surprise my package came in 10 days later. Very fast service, I will be ordering more from them again in the future. I also bought a whole bunch of other pretty things, but we'll leave those for later.

Bright check and wire check are stitched the same way, usually in cutwork or chipping. These are both silver. However, you can definitely see that the wire check is much brighter in color while the bright check is more glittery. That's because of the irregular surface. The light hits it in different places

For this part of the design, I'll be using them for chipwork.

The left part of the sky is stitched in a gradient, going from bright check to wire check. I want a nice mix in the middle so I don't end up with a line.

You'll notice that there is a black line on the felt on the left. That's to give me an idea of how far the bright check should be.

Here it is all done! By the way, this is my new wallpaper for my phone, it's so pretty. I will admit that all that careful mixing gave me a headache at the end. I don't do random very well.

The right side of the sky was more straightforward: wire check at the top, bright check at the bottom.

Here is an overall look at the piece. I've already started on the next part which is the flower on the upper left. It's not done yet and I won't be able to work on it again until the weekend. If you don't want to wait and would like a peek at it now, you can check it out on my Instagram account. I have one word to describe it: chocolate truffles. Yum!


  1. Looking good Dima! Such a different style piece than what I am used to. A joy to follow you along!

  2. Oh, isn't this going well!
    And yes, Golden Hinde are very good indeed - full of good advice as well as providing great materials!

  3. This is so pretty and sparkly. I am also not good at random!

  4. this is looking stunning! The chipwork is just beautiful. Golden Hinde are a great shop. It's run by a mother and daughter - I've met them at craft shows and they are lovely and very helpful. I took a class with the daughter at a show, one of the best classes I've taken.

  5. Wow, that's gorgeous. Goldwork is always pretty, but this mix of gold, silver and copper colours is even better than 'just' gold!

  6. I really enjoy seeing this piece progress along, I love it! I hope to hear more about your course too in time, it’s something I’m considering doing somewhere!

  7. Such a beautiful piece! I love the colour combination- so effective and a great way to use the different materials.