Wednesday, June 15, 2016

French Needle Paris 2016 - Day 4 part 1

May 26 was a gorgeous day! It would have been even more fabulous if Vincent didn't inform us that the employees at Chateau de Versailles were on strike. We arrived at Versailles before 10 am to find that the gates were closed even though they should be open by 9 am. And there were a whole lot of people waiting. I think we counted ten buses in the parking lot.

Vincent took us for some hot chocolate while he tried to figure out what was happening and came back to us with two choices: we wait for our turn to see the castle (we would have to wait behind all the people who got there before us) OR we go visit another castle. He suggested Chateau de Malmaison which was Imperatrice Jos├ęphine's home (she received it in the divorce settlement).

As you can see, this chateau is not as crowded as Versailles and it is just as beautiful (if not more) on the inside. I did realize after my visit that my tastes run more for the Imperial style of the Napoleon era than the rococo (or Late Baroque) of Louis XV time. I have too many pictures from this visit to talk about the entire day in one post. So for now I will leave you to admire the pictures :)



  1. I remember visiting Malmaison, years and years ago. She built a garden there, too, didn't she...

  2. I didn't get to Malmaison when I was there, so thank you for the great pictures of an obviously lovely place.

  3. Oh wow. My mother, daughter and I visited was stunningly beautiful.....your pictures of Malmaison are so striking. I agree with taste l and more toward the Imperial style than Rococo.

  4. Thank you for sharing your interesting photos, such a lot to see and admire in these wonderful chateau.