Monday, November 28, 2016

Hana Scissor Case Finished

I did very little stitching all of last week. But I made up for it over the weekend :)

I did a little Friday night and Saturday night.

Sunday morning I got up, did the house cleaning, helped in the kitchen and then powered through all those seed stitches.

Looking at the pictures now, I might have squeezed in a little too many black beads in the background in comparison to the fob. We're supposed to leave some space in between but I love how shiny and bright it looks.

The next step will have to wait till I get the black silk, which I've placed an order for this afternoon. I'm crossing my finger this one turns out better.

What's the next? I have no idea. I guess I will have to decide when I get home :P I really want to do another beaded project though but I still have Annie Penin's Sakura piece to finish.


  1. Fabulous finish! I love the way all those beads look. I would say grab your oldest WIP and work on it until you find the one that's really yelling at you.

  2. They look lovely and rich and glossy!

  3. I really like the heavily beaded version. More is definitely more in this case!