Monday, November 21, 2016

Hana Scissor Case Update

I love my new stand! I stitched on my Hana scissor case all of Sunday and I feel great. No neck pains or strain at all.

I managed to get all the flowers stitched. All that's left are the black seed beads in the background. While I was stitching the dreaded stems, I kept asking myself: why on earth are they stitched AFTER the petals? They're so hard to stitch in because they have to be squeezed in there and half the time they don't look consistent. Usually the embroidery rule is you stitch from back to front, so why isn't it true here. A question to ask the designer.

As I'm getting closer to a finish, it's more urgent than ever that I track down some good quality dupioni silk. I had ordered some online but I didn't like the quality of it. So I have to try again with another place. Anyone know of a good source?


  1. Possibly the stems are last so as not to make the flowers harder.

  2. Hi Dima, your bead embroidery looks very nice! My #1 choice for silk dupioni is Silk Society in London. Hardly any 'blobs' and slightly thicker than usual. As I am on my way to London, I am happy to pick some up for you! Just drop me a line through my website!

  3. They look lovely even if they are tricky. Glad the new stand is working well for you.