Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Very Busy Weekend Part 2

Sunday morning I woke up with a huge desire for beads and zero desire to work on Fandango. I wanted to start a new project but I couldn't with good conscious do that when I had a perfectly good project to work on.

You remember Hana from Inspirations magazine issue 91. I had decided when I saw the fob that it wasn't enough and just had to make a scissor case to go with it.

So in a sense I'm starting a new project but continuing an old one. Which means zero guilt ;)

I followed the same instructions given for the fob but with the added bonus of having more experience with this technique.

I must say that my outline was much better this time around.

And on it went into the afternoon. Every time I got tired of the repetition, I took a break and dove back in.

This worked so well that I managed to get all the centers done and half the petals embroidered by the end of the night. The petals really are my favorite part. Stitching this case was a great idea as it allows me to learn how to stitch at the edges where the flowers are cut off.

A look from another angle.

This, I think, will be my carrot to get Fandango moving. From now, if there is time after I've stitched my two curls for the day then I can take Hana out and stitch on it. Chances are it won't happen but I can always dream ;)


  1. The flowers are so pretty on this piece ♥

  2. That sounds like a very appetising carrot!

  3. Beautiful and I'm glad you can see improvement in your technique. That always feels good, doesn't it? Having two projects to swap between is a good idea, especially when they are very different.

  4. What a great idea to reward yourself with another project! You know how much I like this design and the scissor case is going to look lovely.