Monday, November 7, 2016

The Final Stretch

Last week I really persevered with those Palestrina knots. I was diligently doing my two curls a night, and then Thursday and Friday I managed to get 4 done each night so that now they're all finished :)

And now I'm at the last step, the blanket stitch border. Which means I have to go around the entire piece one last time. If you've been keeping count, that means by the time I am done I will have stitched around the border 7 times!

For this last border, a channel had to be created to ensure that the blanket stitches are all level. You do that by withdrawing a single fabric thread.

In the original design, there are picots stitched in every 20 blanket stitch. I've obviously replaced that with beads. So there is still more threading/unthreading going on, but it's almost over. The pins standing like little soldiers are where the beads will be going. This way I can make sure I won't forget one :P

I started Friday night and worked on it Saturday evening and all day Sunday. Progress went so well that I now only have one side left to stitch. It's the one on top. It won't be done in one night, as I have to go to work during the day :| But here's hoping that by the end of the week it will be finished.


  1. You are SO close! this is such a striking design I can't wait until you do the "TA-DA" post.

  2. Well done! Those curlicues were well worth the effort, weren't they!

  3. wow you are motoring along on this! How exciting that it's nearly finished!

  4. Well done on powering through with those curls and beads.
    Good idea to use the pins for the border too.