Friday, March 31, 2017

Quiet Week

It's been very quiet on the stitching front this week. I had to work overtime on last Sunday, taking away my one full day of stitching and has been eating up all my evening time this week as well. 7 more days and then I will be on vacation. I can't wait to start packing!

I did manage to put in a few stitches on Hedebo Enchantment. I'm very close to finishing all the pre-work. I'm at the point of going around the four corners now. After that there is only the satin stitch border all around it.

I'm going to try and finish that this weekend. I also need to frame Eidelweiss this weekend as I'm taking it to Seminar for the members exhibition. I should have done that AGES ago, but I kept avoiding it. I can't do that anymore. Forms and pictures need to be submitted before I leave for my vacation next week.

One thing off my chest, I finished "finished" my secret project. I'm waiting for the weekend to take descent pictures so I can submit them and then I can share it on the blog. I will be writing a blog series on how I stitched the piece. It will probably be posted on Wednesdays as I prefer keeping Mondays for updates on weekend stitching. I'm very nervous as it's the first time I stitched a piece with no actual instructions from a teacher or designer. I hope you all like it :)


  1. Can't wait to see the secret project next week!

  2. Your Eidelweiss is so pretty!

  3. Sorry you had such a frustrating week. Good to know your secret project is done - looking forward to seeing what you write about it!

  4. Looking forward to seeing this secret project, bet you are excited about your forthcoming holiday.

  5. That is a lot of prep work. I am very excited to see this mystery project!