Friday, November 24, 2017

Almost there

For the past week or so, I haven't really been up to stitching. Work has really been draining what energy I have that all I felt like doing was sitting with my Kindle. Whatever stitching I did do was all concentrated on Hedebo Enchantment. (If you're reading this by email, click on the link to open it in your browser).

Last time I showed you the large drops with the pulled thread pattern. The center circle and the smaller drop are a little different. The circle is actually cut open and secured with a buttonhole edge. You can see it in action below.

The small drops are stitched the exact same way as the circle.

I had some trouble getting them all to look uniform and I'm still not a hundred percent happy with them, but that's okay.

The small drops have an extra step to finish them off. This technique is called needle lace. If you're familiar with Hazel Blomkamp's books she uses this technique a lot in her designs and even has a book dedicated to the technique.

The blanket stitch around the opening acts as an anchor. A line is then extended from one side to another and back. This is where you then start to needle lace. It's basically blanket stitching in the air. It's very fiddly, you want your line to be taught but not too much you distort the sides. Your stitches need to be tight but not too tight and they have to have enough space to breath on the line.

Note: If you ever decide to try this out, don't do it in white your first time. It is very hard to see your stitches. Also, don't try it with linen thread. Linen thread is not as smooth as mercerized cotton, so it will sometimes snag on itself. The first time I ever tried this technique was in a class with Hazel and she had us using DMC Special Dentelles in colors.

So here is my center all done. I finished it yesterday and was so excited I jumped right into starting the hem. I will be working on that this weekend and hopefully I will have a "finish" to share with you next week. It won't be 100% finished until it's been turned into a pillow, but it will take me some time to gather everything I need.


  1. I hope you are feeling better and more like yourself Dima.
    I know what you mean about needlelace. It’s beautiful when done well, but does take practice and patience. Not to mention good eyes!
    Your piece is looking really lovely.

  2. That was a scary video with the huge holes cut in the fabric! 10 times worse than hardanger cutting, at least you can rethread with hardanger.
    It was worth it though, the finished result is gorgeous!

  3. Your work is so beautiful and the stitches are perfect! Congratulations! Waiting for the "finish".

  4. Needle lace sounds scary! The results though seem to be well worth it, it looks beautiful.

  5. Get well soon.
    My grandmother did a needlelace tablecloth which we still treasure, and as my mother and I have both tried to do as well, we know how hard it is!

  6. This is beautiful. Like the video showing what and how it is done.

  7. wow, it's looking amazing, i can't wait to see this finished! I learnt some needle lace in a class and really enjoyed it, I never did finish that project though!