Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I'm still waiting for the passing thread for my goldwork flower. So I took out the next piece on my pile of WIPs, my phase 1 Japanese bead embroidery piece and...ran out of beads.

I knew this was going to happen (Carolyn warned me ages ago) and should have placed another order. I guess I was too optimistic.

I could have started on the last bit that needs to be beaded, in between the leaves, but I decided to wait. That piece went back in storage and the next piece came out, Hedebo Enchantment. The border all around is done for now and I've moved onto the center.

I wasn't planning on stitching the center portion as I though it would be finished into a table center and that area would be hidden by a vase or something. My mom asked me to finish it into a pillow instead, so now the center has to be stitched. This also means that eventually I'll have to figure out how to do the actual pillow finishing. I think I will contact Jetta, the teacher, and see what suggestions she may have.

There are three different patterns for the center: the center circle, four small drops and four larger drops. I've started with the larger drops as it doesn't involve any cutting. They're stitched with a pulled thread pattern and then surrounded by two rows of chain stitch. They're kind of hard to see because it's all done in white. In retrospect, I think there should have been more color in the center. Maybe the chain stitch could have been done with the other linen thread that came in the kit.

The plan now is to keep stitching on Hedebo Enchantement until the passing or beads come in. I'm hoping it's soon as I'm not really inspired by my hedebo piece right now. 


  1. When I have to lay a piece down, it takes me forever to go back to it if ever. I have about 2 bins full of unfinished pieces. I hope you get the beads and thread soon. Both pieces look lovely and I look forward to seeing more of them.

    1. There's no worry of that happening. I have two projects slatted to start as soon as they're done. Both goldwork and bead embroidery :)

  2. Well done fir using the time on other projects. Everything's looking great and I hope you get your stiff through soon. :)

  3. It's hard to concentrate on one piece when you are itching to do another! Keep at it...!

  4. Oh I just hate having to stop on a project to wait for supplies, but to have to stop on two! I hope your supplies come in soon. Until then, Hebedo is a good substitute - so pretty, and getting close to being done as well!

  5. How frustrating! But you are putting the waiting time to good use.

  6. I hope you are able to get your supplies soon. It's frustrating not being able to work on what you want to!
    Both projects looks really lovely.


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  8. Wonderful! All of those beads are just beautiful!!!