Monday, November 20, 2017

November TUSAL

Since I've only been working on three projects this month, there isn't much color in my jar. It's all white! There is a change this month, I have two new ORT jars that will be added to my TUSAL report. First, is my goldwork container that has more metal threads in it.

The other is my silk ORTs container from my Japanese embroidery class. I'll have to get it a proper jar soon. I think I want to keep them separate from my regular ORT jar so I can see how much stitching I get done.

Last week I received my missing beads.

And I'm still waiting for the passing thread for my goldwork project, but I've decided since I'm so close to finishing Hedebo Enchantment that I will not work on the others until it's done. I'm so close I can taste it :)


  1. Seeing the end in sight is a great motivator, isn't it!

  2. Good luck Dima! Cheering you on from this side of the globe :).

  3. Yay for your beads arriving! So we should see a finish on Hedebo soon, and on the beadwork soon after that?