Tuesday, November 28, 2017

And Done!

I did work on my hem this weekend as planned. The hem was stitched a little differently from the hem on my Italian runner but the concept is still similar.

First step was to cut off the excess fabric. The design specified how many threads to count out. If you look closely you'll notice that a thread is missing. This acts as a channel to make sure I cut my fabric straight.

Here is my fabric all cut and ready to go.

I finger pressed the fabric making sure to keep five threads for my buttonhole. Normally you would use an iron but I couldn't with this fabric. The humidity from the iron could shrink the fabric as it's real linen. It was also better to do it by hand since my fold was so small. I wanted to make sure it was accurate going all around. Once I finished going around, I unfolded the edges and cut off the corners at a diagonal.

 I refolded my hem and put in pins to keep it in place.

Now I was ready to start. I had to get used to this buttonhole. The Hedebo buttonhole is similar to the buttonhole we use in Hardangar except we're coming in from the back. This adds a little twist to the thread.

Hedebo Buttonhole
Hardanger Buttonhole
It went much faster than I expected. By Friday night I had hit the half-way point and Saturday morning I was able to speed through the other half.

Here is my piece all finished. It's still very wrinkly at this point. I'm just waiting for more specifics on the materials I need to gather from Jette and then I'll be washing and ironing my piece. I also need to buy a pillow and backing fabric. So it's not completely finished, I still have a few hours to put into it.

Jette was very generous with her kit. Here is what I had left from the threads that were included in my kit. I have plenty to start and finish another Hedebo piece. Just need to get my hands on linen fabric.

Since Hedebo Enchantment is done, I've already pulled out my next project to finish. I decided to go with goldwork and am well on my way. I wouldn't be surprised if Monday I will be posting another finish ;) I'll try to publish an update post sometime this week so I don't overwhelm you with information later.


  1. Well done! It's always so satisfying to be on that last round, seeing the remainder shrink..

  2. Well done Dima! I am always amazed how much stitching you get done whilst having a job :).

  3. This is gorgeous! What a beautiful finish.

  4. wow this is stunning! What a fabulous job you've done, the stitching is beautiful.

  5. Very pretty with perfect stitching. Enjoyed seeing your progress.

  6. Congratulations on the Happy Dance for Hebedo. This is a beautiful piece, it's been lovely to follow your progress on it.

  7. Wow...what a wonderful job you have done! Love to see your pretty stitches. Congratulations!

  8. Is this buttonhole stitch what is called a tailor's buttonhole stitch?

  9. Great finish, it looks very nice! It's already Monday, so when working through my reading list I'll keep my eyes open for that other finish of yours :)