Friday, April 6, 2018

Japanese Embroidery Phase 1 - Wrapping Paper Foundation

More catch-up posts. The last time I showed you my Japanese embroidery piece, I had a list of things that needed to be done before I meet my group. Since I won't be here for the April meeting (and I couldn't work on my goldwork piece on account of missing beads), I figured I'd do my homework now while I had time.
  • Outline the wrapping paper area using couching thread
  • End the brown thread that's sticking out and finish the foundation layer over the entire wrapping paper
  • Start the first layer that goes on top of the foundation layer

After cleaning up the threads that were sticking out, I stitched an outline around my wrapping paper and added my guideline.

When I unpicked my threads, I was able to save a few of them hoping to be able to re-use them. At this point, I realized I lost one of my really expensive needles :o I had to make do with another one but I really need to replace it ASAP.

Note to self: After Nancy messaged me, I realized that I might have swapped my needles. Need to check my labels next time we meet.

After crawling on hands and knees looking for the lost needle and giving up, I went back to stitching. This section uses up a lot of twisted thread. In order not to get too bored, I would twist about six stands, stitch and then repeat. It doesn't look particularly even but I was re-assured that once all the layers are stitched on top I wouldn't notice.

The crucial thing is to make sure there are no gaps. So to check, I would shine a light directly under my stitching.

Here is what's leftover from the brown silk. I really hope I have enough to finish all the stitching on the wrapping paper.

We're supposed to do the first layer that goes on top of the foundation for the next meeting, but I don't feel confident starting it on my own. I discussed it with Marilyn, another member of our group, and she felt the same. She agreed to work on something else at the April meeting so we can start the next step together in May. This way Nancy will only have to cover it with us once.


  1. So many fascinating techniques to learn!

  2. Japanese embroidery is beautiful, but looks so difficult.

  3. I have never tried this type of embroidery - so it is great to read about your progress.

  4. It is fascinating. You lost an “expensive needle” do you have to use special needles?

  5. Good for you to try and by on time with your homework! Even if it was more or less repetitive boring work, you got a good chunk done. I'm looking forward to seeing that next layer, once you get to it.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing Dima - it's really fascinating watching you learn this technique. I'm not sure I'll ever be good enough to attempt it!

  7. This looks very interesting and a lot of work too. I am not such a fan of preparation! I like to dive straight in which is why I stitch in hand.
    Love seeing all the time you spend doing this though.