Friday, April 20, 2018

Japanese Landscape - Part S and T

The last two sections go around the outline of overstretched pearl purl.

First, there is a 3 ply twist of gold and copper. This thread is actually very interesting. It looks like passing threads that had been twisted together to form a cord. This one has two ply gilt and one ply copper.

You stitch it down the same way as you would a cord, by couching between the ply. This makes sure your stitching is invisible. Since I was couching with yellow thread, I also tried to make sure to stitch between the gilt ply.

Once I've couched all around, the twist is plunged the same way you would passing thread. It's a little trickier as there were three threads instead of just the one. I managed get all three plies in my large chenille needle, but the lasso method might have been the better option.

Finally, a border of #4 pearl purl is couched all around to finish it. I really liked the weight of this purl after using the smaller purls for so long. It was very refreshing.

Unlike the previous two borders that were started in the lower right corner, this one is started in the middle to make sure all the corners are nice and rounded.

I'm so happy this last border is there. It not only looks fabulous, but it also hides a multitude of sins. My line of overstretched purl was crooked in a few places but now you can't even tell.

I was on such a high after putting in that last border, I just wish I could declare this piece finished. There is still the chipwork in the lower left corner to finish. As I write this (it's Tuesday), my order is still being processed. So final pictures probably won't be posted till mid-May. That will give me time to figure out the best way to photograph it. I want to show you how glittery it is.


  1. It does look very fine. Sometimes taking photos from an angle helps to bring out the glitter.

  2. So close! The border really does bring the whole piece together. The sparkle may show up better if you use a flash for some of the photos?

  3. Very elegant! Had to look really close to see what you had to finish. Pictures never seem to do justice to the work especially if it’s sparkly.

  4. Oh ! Dima, your wooly lamb is so cute : congrats to you :)


  5. I understand your frustration at not being able to declare a full finish, but it already does look great! I am glad that three-ply-thread already came as it is. After reading about your Japanese Silk Embroidery, I was afraid you'd have to twist it together by hand.

  6. Such a lovely piece! I’ve really enjoyed watching this come together- it seems like it was a great sampler for different techniques too.