Monday, April 23, 2018

The Wooly Lamb

No stitching to share with you today (I'm still waiting on the wire check), instead here is my second baby gift of the year. This is LUPO the lamb another Lalylala design.

I've always wanted to make him as the pattern for the body looked interesting. Instead of single crochet stitches, it's made up of the bobble stitch. I must admit it did take me much longer to make him than other Lalylala designs. After a while, I was over the fascination of the bobble stitch. Still, he looks adorable.

Especially those droopy ears. I was also very lucky to have found a very close match to the wool used in the model. This is from Caron Simply Soft Tweeds collection. I ended up needing two balls of the creme and one of the taupe.

I tried my hand at making pompoms for the first time. I got a Clover pompom maker to make it much easier. Don't you love Clover products? I haven't tried one yet I haven't liked.

As I mentioned already, still no sign of the wire check. Crossing my fingers it will be here either today or tomorrow. Not sure how much stitching I'll be doing as I'm getting ready for my upcoming trip, but I'm sure I would make an exception if the metals do come in :)


  1. This is the cutest thing ever!

  2. I made a teacosy using bobble stitch, and I'm over the fascination too! But it does make a lovely woolly lamb!

  3. Oh ! Dima, your wooly lamb is so cute : congrats to you :)

  4. What a wonderful woolly lamb, such cute ears too.
    I can't believe you have never made a pompom before! Looks like a great gadget.

  5. Oh how adorable!! I can imagine how long that took as bobble stitch takes forever!

  6. Aw, he really is adorable - and those ears! The pompom maker looks neat, much more 'stable' than the one I use.