Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Japanese Landscape - Part O (almost) and P

So I finally got those beads I was missing. I really should have ordered them online as they would have been less expensive (I didn't realize how much) but I was too impatient to get on with things.

Beads are priced by their finishing and galvanized gold is a little pricier than most seed beads. They're so pretty though, so I will eventually use them in other projects.

The silver hillocks (small hill or mound, I had to look that up) are covered in silver wire check chipping. Interspersed among the chipping, are the gold beads surrounded by silver wire check. The effect is really quite pretty, I will have to remember this combination. To help with placements, I marked where I wanted there to be gold beads with a black marker.

(click on the post to see the animation below)

All in all, I didn't actually need such a big packet of beads. What I really needed was more of the silver wire check :( I was so close to finishing too as you'll find out in a later post. I've already placed an order for more, but it is unlikely I'll get it before next week by which time I will be traveling.

I didn't want this to stop me, so I just kept going onto the next section. More hillocks, this time in copper.

This is not the end of the updates this week, there is more to come. I had a very productive weekend.


  1. You have indeed had a very productive few days! The gold beads do stand out beautifully against the silver wire check, I agree..

  2. I'm always amazed at how quickly you can stitch Dima! The gold beads really do pop and add great element of interest to your design.

  3. Love the effect on the “hillocks”!

  4. C'est vraiment magnifique Dima : Bravo pour ce superbe travail de l'or !

  5. Wow, those hillocks with the little flowers (I guess they are supposed to be flowers?) look awesome! Too bad you ran out of the silver wire check, the effect really is very pretty.

  6. that does look beautiful, what a lovely effect

  7. Great work, the hillocks look wonderful! I am sure you can find a lot of uses for the pretty beads.