Monday, October 3, 2016

Enough Procrastinating!

I had a VERY slow week last week and I can't blame it on a reading marathon because I didn't do much of that either. I think I spent most of it on Netflix contemplating working on my WIPs :P

So Thursday night, I said enough! A soon as I get home from work Friday I would sit down and work on Fandango. And that's what I did :)

I was originally going to work on the needlelace fans for the smaller squares, but my thread kept getting caught on the fabric threads of the center square. So I decided that finishing up the edges of that square should be a priority.

Once all the edges are satin stitched, I could start cutting the fabric thread and neaten the back.

I was a little hesitant with the scissors. I needed to cut really close to the edge at the back, but not too close that I accidentally cut the satin stitches. It's really tough to distinguish between all that white with my OTT lamp. It would have been much easier in daylight.

I was able to devote the entire day Sunday to work on Fandango, so I decided to keep going on the center square. The next step was lots and lots of woven bars. In Punto Antico, you usually have a pair of woven bars next to each other versus the one in Hardanger. The reason for this is that the next step involves needlelace fans which will pull on them. Having two bars would mean that only one of them will be distorted.

Since starting this project I've been toying with the idea of replacing the picots with beads. I've tried picots in the past and they just don't look that great to me. For something so tiny, it's fussy and flops around never sitting straight.

After trying it on the first row, I liked the look of it and kept going. I'm not sure what type of beads these are, I found them at a bead shop in Saint-Sauveur. But the color matches the green of the sofas in our living room which is where Fandango will be once it's finished.

Next step is the needlelace fans. Crossing my fingers I will be in the mood for it tonight ;)


  1. Terrific progress! I think the beads look great and this piece just fascinates me.

  2. Love the bead idea! And was probably faster than working all of those picots.

  3. I think the beads do work rather well, and having the colour echo colours in the room will help to tie things together...

  4. it's looking beautiful. Great idea to use beads instead of picots. They're just seed beads by the way.

  5. Scary cutting! The beads look lovely and add a nice dash of colour to the piece.