Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thanksgiving Long Weekend

I'm back at work after a long weekend. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving at home, so for me it's just a longer weekend with more time to stitch :)

And since I had such a huge amount of stitching time, I decided to tackle the gazillion bullions that are in Fandango. But before that, a practice one is required just to make sure all systems are a go.

I started Friday night, stitched all day Saturday...

And well into Sunday, but I got them done :) I kept track of my time, it took me about 6 hours to do one long side and 3 hours to do one short side. I had bullions with 7 and 13 wraps. In total there were 50 bullions with 13 wraps and 184 bullions with 7 wraps.

Since I was going so well on the border, I figured I'll start the bullions within the piece as well. However I wanted to experiment a little first. I decided I wanted to add beads in the piece to balance it a little with what I had put in the center. The best way to figure out what combinations will suite is to use a doodle clothe. In the satin stitch "flowers", there were two different 3-bullion groups. The first one looks like a leaf and the second like a little bud.

After trying out different combinations, I decided to stick to the original for the leaf. For the buds, I decided to replace one bullion stitch with a bead. This is finished off with a single bead at the center of the "flower". Below you can seen what my version looks like in comparison to the original.

Now that I've decided what I want for this, I just have three more of them to do ;) I will say that I don't hate bullions as much as I thought I did, but they do get tedious after the 50th one :P 

I considered that bullion border one of my bigger hurdles on this piece but now that that's over I can definitely say I will meet my deadline. I just have to keep my attention centered on it ;)
  • Needlelace fans for the two small squares on the right (there is a possibility of having to redo one of the left ones because I'm picky)
  • (big breath) Bullions ALL around the border and within the piece
  • Palestrina knot swirls (there are 16)
  • Buttonhole edge to finish off the hem


  1. Wow, this is looking great! I love how you incorporated the beads. The colour is so nice and really makes the white look more crisp.

  2. Love your stitching! Very beautiful ♥


  3. This is beautiful. The beads really make it pop.

  4. Good for you for finishing all those border bullions and the addition of the beads is a beautiful touch.

  5. I think I wouldn't have counted them in case I got discouraged - how very brave of you! And isn't it going well...

  6. This is so pretty! Love those beads you put in the centre. Congratulations!!!

  7. it looks beautiful! Well done for getting them done, and so quickly too! I like the addition of the beads in the flowers, good choice! Not much longer until we see the finished piece then!

  8. The beads are a wonderful addition. You are very patient with all the bullions. Mine would all be slightly different and wonky!
    Heather from Stitching Lotus has just started a whitework piece, have you seen it yet?