Monday, October 31, 2016

Very Busy Weekend Part 1

A lot was accomplished over the end of last week and the weekend, but for today I will concentrate on Fandango. From the last post I had three things left on my list:
  • Needlelace fans for the two small squares on the right (there is a possibility of having to redo one of the left ones because I'm picky)
  • (big breath) Bullions ALL around the border and within the piece
  • Palestrina knot swirls (there are 16)
  • Buttonhole edge to finish off the hem
Thursday I sat down and knocked out those needlelace fans and I finally decided that I won't be that picky and redo the left ones. Because let's face it, unless your a stitcher, you won't notice a difference.

Since that's done, I could now decide how to tackle the Palestrina knots. For the knots there was no template in the class book. We ended up tracing the swirls directly off the original piece that Barbara had brought with her. I redrew those on tracing paper with ink so that it would be easier to trace on my fabric.

However, before I start stitching on Fandango samples had to be made. I reused my doodle cloth to test out how it would come out with and without beads. For instructions on how to do the Palestrina knot with beads check out Mary Corbet's post here.

I ran out of thread before I could finish the left sample, but I could right away say that I didn't like the right one. It just didn't look as nice as the ones on the original Fandango. I also though with the beads in between each knot, it gave a nice even space. In any event Friday night I decided to sleep it over and start fresh the next day.

Saturday morning I got out my light pad again and traced over all the curls on Fandango. There are a total of 16 curls: 8 on each end and 8 around the central square.

I started on one end and managed to get two done before I got bored :P Using beads with this piece makes it look fabulous but it's very tedious. Since I'm stitching with a #8 pearl cotton the needle I have to use a #26 needle which is too big for the beads. This means I have to switch my needle for one with a collapsible eye after every stitch to thread my bead. It didn't bother me before but there are about 12-13 beads on each swirl. So this will be a very long process. I'm going to try and get at least two done a day and hopefully it will be over soon.

I forgot to take a picture of the overall piece. I will try to get one for the TUSAL post which I completely forgot about. In any case, here is what is left over now.
  • Needlelace fans for the two small squares on the right (there is a possibility of having to redo one of the left ones because I'm picky)
  • Palestrina knot swirls (there are 16 14)
  • Buttonhole edge to finish off the hem
I did get more done on the weekend but that will show up in a part 2 post later on this week :)


  1. This is gorgeous. I love the beads you've added.

  2. I'm so glad you decided to go with beads, those swirls are beautiful. Sorry it's another pain though. The pom poms are still shaking!

  3. My goodness, swapping needles for every stitch? Now _that's_ dedication!

  4. good progress! How big is this piece? Here's an idea for the beads, can't you thread them all onto the thread using the collapsible eye needle, then just pull them down as you want to use them?

    1. Not sure that will work Wendy as it would get in the way of the knot. I wish it would work that way :|

  5. I've never used collapsible eye needles - but I can see where they can be useful. Are they delicate though?

  6. That is dedication to your art! I once stitched a project using beads which were too small for even my tiniest needle so I used invisible thread and threaded a bead onto the invisible thread then rethreaded the needle, made the stitch, unthread the needle, thread a bead on, rethread the needle and so on until it was done!