Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October TUSAL

Can't believe it's already October and there are only two TUSAL reports left for this year. This means that I have 3 months left to finish up Fandango. Most of the threads this months were from Fandango and there will be a lot more of that as I'll have to concentrate on it. The green thread were from a mill hill bead kit I got from the Lakeshore guild. It's one of the two pieces I have to stitch as a contribution for a handcraft fair they will be selling at to raise funds. No picture of the finished piece as I completely forgot to take one.

I didn't end up stitching the needlelace yesterday :( I just wasn't in the mood for it. I won't have time tonight either as I have my guild stitching meeting. I'm bringing it with me but I'm not sure I'll want to stitch on it in the lighting we have in the room. Just in case I brought a backup project with me :)


  1. Yes, working white on white is always tricky. It needs a calm head and good lighting!

  2. A very satisfying bunch of ORTs!