Friday, July 28, 2017

Fun Distractions

I admit it! I've been avoiding Foxy all week. It's so easy to do when something super cute comes in the mail. The Beading Room had a sale on some of the bead kits last week and I couldn't resist.

I bought two sweet charm kits by Miyuki. They only had these two on their site, but there are four more delicious dessert kits in the series.

The kit comes with everything to make the charm. The one thing that I couldn't find was a needle. This was very confusing for me since it's a bead weaving kit. You need a needle for that. I did a quick google search and found out that no needle is necessary to make it. The nylon thread that comes with the kit is rigid enough you can use it like a needle to pick up your beads.

And then I was off! I spent the rest of my evening working on it. According to the difficulty level on the packaging, this is a medium difficulty project. But if you're familiar with reading bead weaving charts (there are a bunch of circles representing beads and lines with arrows showing directions) then it should be fine. Once I got the gist of the technique, I progressed really quickly and didn't have to constantly refer to the chart.

I'm actually one layer further then what the picture above shows. I should be finishing it tonight, and then I'll need to buy myself some good pliers to finish it into a charm. Concerning the materials in the kit, I'm not a huge fan of the nylon thread but without the experience I wouldn't know what to replace it with. So if you know of a good substitute, please let me know.

Tomorrow is our monthly Japanese Embroidery stitch-in at Nancy's house so I will be working on my Japanese bead embroidery phase 1 piece. I'll also be taking Foxy with me. Nancy has a tip for cutwork she promised to show me. Hopefully that means my little fox will see more progress this weekend. Which means I know what I will be stitching on World Embroidery day.

If you didn't know World Embroidery day is this Sunday July 30. It started out in Sweden in 2011 but has quickly spread internationally. So if you're stitching alone or in a group, I hope you have a wonderful day of stitching :)


  1. I read the first two sentences and thought "gosh, that was quick, I only posted my parcel yesterday"!! So keep an eye out some time next week.
    The kits look so cute and what a clever idea to not need a needle. I have done that with some petite beads which wouldn't even fit over my smallest beading needle eye!

  2. This sounds like such a fun project! It's always nice to get happy mail, and distractions aren't always a bad thing

  3. Yes, must remember to do some stitching tomorrow. I'm not at all surprised you were distracted by the bead kits!

  4. they are such cute kits! I would say the nylon thread (Fireline or Wildfire I'm guessing) is the best thing for this kind of charm. You could use Nymo or C-lon thread, but it's not as sturdy and can stretch.