Monday, July 24, 2017


Yeah... did I forget to mention I started working on another whitework project? This is actually not even from stitching. All that white you see up there is threads that were cut out of the fabric to do the hem borders. I haven't shared pictures yet because there really isn't much to see. I'm hoping I'll be able to show something soon as I've finished the cutting and have started stitching what amounts to a lot of four-sided stitches. Any guesses on what the project is?

This month, you get not just one TUSAL report but two. When I started doing goldwork, I decided to start a second ORT jar/container but this one will never get emptied. In the old days, metal threads like this were saved to be melted in order not to waste the precious metal because back then goldwork embroidery was done with REAL gold and silver. Today metal thread are still expensive but they're not made of the real deal (or at least not the ones I buy). You'll never see longs strands, just short stubs that are too small to reuse. Although, I might rescue one of the longer metal passings to fill out the tiny spaces in my Foxy's body.


  1. I, too have a wonderfully goldy, sparkly jar full of bits. It's rather fun to look at it and think, Goodness, I'm doing goldwork! Well worth keeping...

  2. I can't wait to see your next whitework project!
    I never discard of the contents of my or jars. I just keep adding to their number in the hope I will one day make a pincushion and be able to use the rots to stuff it!

  3. Sparkly ORTS! Make sure you don't put them out for the birds. In fact I read that we shouldn't be any ORTs out because the dyes used are not good for birds. I use mine to stuff small ornies. Eventually!

  4. A lady I met once told me that she used any cutoffs in her jewellery making. She was a machine embroiderer and would put loose ends onto water soluble material, machine over them, dissolve the water soluble material, and hey presto - sparkly jewellery! Looking forward to seeing your progress with whitework.