Wednesday, July 5, 2017

More Couching

The last time I showed this piece I had reached the edge of the ears on each end. The next part was going to be tricky, I had to couch down small pieces of passing in the areas below the ear.

Foxy by Becky Hogg
I guesstimated the amount I'd need, making each strand shorter and shorter until I reached the end.

So that I wouldn't forget how long the passing should be, I cut the ones for other side at the same time.

The easy part was couching them down. When it came to plunging them it was really hard since I'm pulling down through felt. The first one made a "big" hole and freaked me out. Luckily it doesn't show once everything was in. What really made me sweat was pulling too hard on that last row and losing the passing to the other side. The piece was so tiny it unfolded and I had to tinker with it to get it back to what it was before.

It took me a few days to get over that panic and pull Foxy back out to do the other side. That one wasn't too bad since I knew what to expect and to be careful when pulling.

I had enough with teeny tiny pieces. I decided to start working on the body where there is more of the same couching. You start off by couching 11 rows of passing and then once you get to the middle, there will be some circular couching. I have 7 done so 4 more to go.

It does have a very pretty look to it and I'm very happy with him. I'm a little behind now, as both Natalie and Catherine have finished theirs. You can check out Natalie's on her Facebook page Sew by Hand and Catherine's on her blog Hillview Embroidery. Luckily, Natalie has decided to stitch a second Becky Hogg piece, a wood pecker this time, so I will still have some company while finishing Foxy.


  1. Have loved watching your progress on this piece - can't wait to see the finished result.

  2. Your fox is looking gorgeous, this is complicated stuff! The owls are lovely but Mr Foxy is my favourite.

  3. I had to do a lot of plunging on an or nue piece, and I remember just how unnerving it could be! Well done!

  4. This is adorable! Nice work.

  5. You must be so happy to see the end of those tiny bits of passing for sinking!!! Well done for getting through that rough start ;-)

  6. The work is beautiful. Looking forward to your blog on the future stitching on this piece.

  7. It's looking fabulous and it sounds so much harder than the owl! Enjoy the next part, can't wait to see him develop along