Monday, July 3, 2017

The End of Hedgehog Handworks

As many of you have heard through Mary Corbet, Hedgehog Handworks was closing their doors. I had already taken advantage of their closing sale before, buying only books. They had a final, final sale last month and I decided I really should make an effort and enhance my stash. I don't know if you've noticed, but I always buy kits. I'm complete rubbish at buying stash that is not actually for some sort of project with a supply list. Especially colored thread. I really should work on that :P

First off, I got needles. These are all sharp needles by Bohin. I keep hearing from other stitchers that they are the best needles. As I slowly start veering away from counted, I find that I don't have good sharp needles. So I figured I'll stock up. I got one of each size: 7, 9 and 11.

I got two of each size cotton DMC broder special that they stocked. They only had #20 and 25. I'm thinking maybe I should have gotten more.

I've been wanting to try Mountmellick embroidery and Hedgehog Handworks had the threads in stock. I got 2 of every thickness. They range from Very fine to Heavy. Even with the sale they were pricey. The heavy thread is 6$ each!

I didn't even bother to look at the silks even thought I would have loved to get some Au ver a soie. I think instead what I really need to do is invest in a color card. It was even worst in the metallic thread section. Luckily, they decided to make things a little easier: they created mystery bags. Now I don't normally buy things like this as you never know if what you will get will be even worth it. But since they were closing and the price of the bags were so good I decided to chance it.

The first one I got is a metallics mystery bag. I recognize the typical Kreinik, Rainbow Gallery and DMC metallics (yuck!). I've heard of Madeira and one of these is by Access Commodities, but the rest is a complete mystery and I have no idea how they are used. If you recognize any of it, please don't hesitate to chime in below. I'd love to know what I can do with them.

The second bag I got I'm VERY happy with. This mystery bag was for Japanese embroidery. The description was products from the JEC and it could contain silks or metallic threads. I didn't get any silks, but I did get lots of metallic thread. They also included a felt block for needles and a hybrid #9 needle. I will have to bring these at the next Japanese Embroidery get together so I can learn what I can do with each. Honestly for the price I paid, I wish I got a second one of this bag instead of the metallics mystery bag. Too late now.

Other than that, I had a very productive long weekend. I'd been steadily working away on a course that I have been testing for the EAC for the past month. I can't share pictures as it's a new class that will be offered in the fall, maybe later I will be able to. Now that it's over I can go back to my regular scheduling and put in some good progress on Foxy and the others. Hopefully, I will be able to a share an update of my progress sometime this week.


  1. Whilst it's sad that a specialist needlework shop is closing, I'm glad you were able to make the most of it. It looks like you have done well with adding to your stash for the techniques that interest you at this time!

  2. They both look like wonderful selections, although I don't recognise many of them. I'm sure you will find uses for them all. Some of them may make good substitutes for something else that you can't find..

  3. Nice stash although it is a shame that the shop is closing. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it all.

  4. Nice stash! Shining and beautiful!

  5. Gosh, love all your new stash.