Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Art of Bead Embroidery by Margaret Lee

When I got my copy of Margaret Lee's The Art of Bead Embroidery a few of you requested a review of the book.

I decided to change it up a bit and taped a video review. It's my first one so it was quite an experience figuring everything out and learning how to use the YouTube video editor. You will all have to let me know what you think about it. I don't plan on doing videos full time instead of blog posts, but for things like this a video is much more efficient. If you're reading this post by email, you will need to open the post in your browser.

This is a disclaimer on traditional Japanese frames because I know my friend Nancy will email me about this (wave!). The book includes instructions on how to stretch your fabric on the Japanese frame, but it is highly recommended that you do this for the first time with a teacher. For beading, the fabric doesn't need to be as taut as it would be for Japanese Embroidery with silks. However it is still stretched tighter than you would normally do with other forms of embroidery. An experienced teacher would be able to teach you how to stretch your fabric and judge when it's ready for stitching.


  1. There are so many techniques to learn, aren't there!

  2. The video looks great and your review was very informative.

  3. I really liked your video, it's so nice to hear your voice! The book is gorgeous, I love the turquoise Arabian Nights project too.

  4. I've bought this book and I've been very impressed with it. As always with Inspirations, the techniques are well described and illustrated. As well as the basic techniques, Margaret Lee has also added her own extensions which is good. Nice detailed review and interesting to hear your thoughts on the book. I agree that the case studies set this book apart.